Witch blemish stick review

This product purports to ‘help break down excessive oil and fight the bacteria that causes spots’. It retails for between £2 and £4 generally and, according to Witch’s website, has won awards.

Usage is simple: dab it on blemishes as often as required. Being witch hazel, it has a strong scent reminiscent of alcohol and as such can sting your eyes a little when dabbing it on blemishes that are near them, but this goes almost instantly as it dries.

It feels light on the skin and glides on with a ‘wet’ feel which is strangely tingly and refreshing.

I do not have oil or blemish-prone skin but bought it when I developed a rare spot. Dabbing it did not seem to make this one angry spot go, but it has since made small bumps without a ‘head’ disappear overnight. 

I am glad I only paid £1.99 for this product at Sainsbury, but even at £4 it is worth having. I would not pay more than that, as I am not certain of how effective it is. You do get a lot of product for your money, though.



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