Eos lip balm review

In the spirit of Easter just gone, I thought I would review the very cutesy egg-shaped Eos lip balm endorsed by Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. Controversially, Eos were sued in a class action law suit fronted by plaintiff Rachel Cronin in 2016 amid claims that they had made users ‘break out in severe rashes and have cracked, bleeding lips’.

A lot can be said about the American culture for suing. The pictures in the court documents did not look so severe that some Carmex and an antihistamine could not cure them but hey, I’m not a doctor. In the UK we would probably just get a refund for the product and leave it there. Eos conceded that despite the ingredients being listed on the packaging, more attention should be drawn to potential allergens within the product and those affected got compensated.

I have been using Eos lip balm practically every day since mid 2014 and never had a reaction. I have a collection of approximately 12 of their flavours and bring them everywhere with me. All this while my lips have remained soft.

The packaging is very cute and unique, but potentially a choke risk so it is best for adult use. The only problem I have had with the packaging is when using one in the office, a colleague enquired ‘is that… A love egg?’

There are several flavours and often Christmas and summer releases with new flavours. My all-time favourite is ‘sweet mint’ which is a lovely tingly minty balm. I feel like it has some gentle lip plumping effect but this is not claimed by The Company so it might just be me.

The range of flavours, the pretty packaging, and the fact it makes my lips so soft makes it a winner for me. It is at a slightly high price point £4-£6 each in the UK. This is okay though as the whole egg is filled with the product and so it lasts a long time.



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