Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Review

The Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask has been sweeping the internet and is everywhere on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. It it can be purchased from Amazon here for £3.99.

I was sceptical, as with most cheap Chinese beauty products from the internet, I wanted it for the novelty factor but did not have much hope of it being high quality or particularly usable.

First Impressions

It took about three weeks from ordering to arrival but this was as expected. The packaging looked good quality, as with many things like this the instructions on it were in badly translated Chinese and as such were basically impossible to follow. The premise of it is the same as any other face mask- you make sure you have a clean face and apply the product and then wait approximately fifteen minutes before washing it off.

The smell is nice; fresh, like green tea. It is a weird texture, as opposed to being thick and super viscous and ‘heavy’ like traditional clay masks, it has a thick almost jelly texture.


I put the product on, it spread nicely and felt refreshingly cool on the skin. There was no irritation. After about a minute it started bubbling on my face, which felt so interesting and tingly. I really liked this feeling. It was fun to watch in the mirror as the bubbles kept growing on my face, leading me to look like the moon from The Mighty Boosh.

After fifteen minutes I patted down the bubbles on my face, popping them, then massaged in and rinsed off the product with water.

My skin felt nice and soft after using it, but no more soft than a 99p packet face mask from Superdrug would have made it feel.

I wouldn’t say this is a wonder product, but if taken on face value- a large pot of decent face mask with the fun novelty bubbling factor, I was very impressed.





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