Surprising samplesĀ 

Have you ever heard a song and thought ‘I recognise that from somewhere’ or ‘what the hell is that?’. Welcome to sampling: taking part of an existing piece of music and fitting it into a new piece of music as a catchy hook.


Stevie Nicks- Edge of Seventeen = Destiny’s Child- Bootylicious.

Ponderosa Twins Plus One- Bound = Kanye West- Bound 2 

Toto- Africa = Ja Rule- Murder Reigns

Bruce Hornsby and The Range=  2Pac- Changes

John Lennon- Imagine = Oasis- Don’t Look Back in Anger

JFK- Moon speech = Public Service Broadcasting- Race For Space

The Clash- Straight To Hell = M.I.A- Paper Planes

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra- The Last Time= The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Kinks- You Really Got Me- Salt-N-Pepa- Push It